Architecture +

* A collective of creatives, designers + architects with 20 years experience across most sectors in the UK + Europe

Creating spaces + places

Working in context


We are not simply architects, we are more than that. 

We are communication experts evolving a narrative for your project, story telling in digital visual and written forms

We are not in advertising or marketing, graphics or management consultancy, 

but we often cross these boundaries to make your project real. 

We don’t have a specific approach or process but instead use logical steps, around sometimes varied ideas, to generate our work. We pride ourselves on making buildings that are loved by their users for their simplicity

Award winning design


Our work has been recognised with 3 RIBA awards including a coveted National Award in 2013 for St Silas School (as part of Capita Group) 

+ 4 Civic Trust Awards as well as numerous short listings. 

We design with you, working to achieve your goals first, the awards we covet most are for our clients. 

Delivering for developers + users


Our work straddles education, residential. BTR, transport, leisure, offices + workplace. 

We are a diverse team with a whole range of skills + talents* experienced in delivering for major clients including universities, schools, national government, local authorities, private clients + developers as well as major contractors + funds. 

We are flexible, driven creatives who listen first, then deliver.

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Contact Us

London + Manchester Offices

48 Charlotte Street 



+44 2037010403

3 Cobourg Street


M1 3GY

+44 161 7130517

We love to meet new clients, so pick up the phone or drop us an email now, one of the team will come + say hello...

Assorted Skills + Talents*

48 Charlotte Street London W1T 2NS


Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

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